What is Alexandria’s genesis?

Alexandria’s genesis has become a nagging topic that people now discuss. SpeculatiAlexandia's Genesis ons are showing that Alexandrias genesis came into existence through an urban legendary. Speculations also show that there is nobody existing with this condition. This fact is associated to research conducted on the scientific society. However, this type of condition may have existed some time ago before now. The great inquisition at this point is, what resulted into this condition? People are still asking if Alexandrias genesis is real or a fiction. Reading through the rest part of this article will unveil the misery behind Alexandrias genesis.

What Is Alexandria’s Genesis?

The named condition or violet eyes are often called genetic mutation. When this occurs, the eyes will alter or change to purple or gray from blue color. In most cases, the condition may exist after six months an individual is born. During puberty, the color of the eyes will deepen into royal purple or violet blue. Though it may not affect the victim’s ability to see, but will remain in dark purple color for a given period. For affected people, anal, pubic, body and facial hair will seize to grow. Affected people may not be able to grow hair on their eyebrows, head, noses, ears and eyelashes. For women affected with Alexandrias genesis, menstruation may seize as well. However, they will still remain fertile even when affected with the named condition. There are other signs that Alexandrias genesis may unleash on affected people. This can be found in the likes of shimmering white skin, tanning and just to mention a few.

Studies have perfectly shown that females are often considered the carrier of this condition. Research also postulated that people with black or blue hair can as well be affected with the mutation disorder. Records have made it clear that victims can last for about 130-150 years on earth. Records also show that aging will stop at 50 years for affected victims. These affected people will not gain weight in any way even if they eat so much. They are immune to several environmental diseases and rarely digest food eaten. This will make victims to rarely fall sick due to the mutation disorder. Caucasians are the main people being affected by Alexandrias genesis. Interracial children may sometimes be affected with the named condition. This emanates from several genes.

Speculations from people have shown that this condition remains the only way to develop purple eyes. Rumors have also shown that Elizabeth Taylor is a victim of Alexandrias genesis. This is because her eyes and other affected victims display violet color. Nevertheless, it has been widely mentioned that some people claim to have this condition for a long time. There is every possibility for this to have occurred in time past. Records have also shown that certain conditions like mutation can cause some children to live shortly on earth. For this reason, they may age quickly. There is also a condition that can enable people to life for a long time. With this simple explanation, you can be sure to understand the full concept of Alexandrias genesis.

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